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Matching Couple Rings: What Does It Mean?

Regardless of the style and cost, jewelry usually has a sentimental significance. Received as gifts or handed down from generation to generation, they carry within them a story, emotions and memories... Women's rings are not an exception to this rule. When giving a ring to a lady, it is essential to be aware of the significance of these gems. If you don't consider the meaning behind a ring, you could cause confusion to a recipient. You could also misinterpret your own thoughts and intentions. Here's a brief explanation on the meaning of a ring that is given to a female as a present.

The symbolism behind the ring

Let's first return to the symbolism behind the ring. Whatever it is made of, the ring is seen as a symbol for forever beginnings. The circle, the cycle, the circular... are used in many civilizations as signs of infinity and eternity. This is why, since time immemorial, we have been accustomed to giving rings to our beloved one to show our the commitment to be with them for eternity. The wedding ring or engagement ring is a jewel piece that symbolizes the affection between two persons. We can extend this meaning to friendship. The friendship rings are shared between friends to strengthen the bonds that unite the whole group.

The circle can also be an indicator of belonging. The ring you wear serves as a token of recognition between members of the same community or the same community... The same is true for the ring for the university, the signet ring Masonic ring...

Ringing women is something that is not always meaningless. Naturally, it depends on the woman you're giving it to and the context.

An eternal love signification

To the woman you love gifting a ring can be proof of the feelings you share with her. The solitaire diamond on gold rings is the perfect gift to propose an engagement. Diamonds are symbols of the purity of life and eternality. The basic platinum or gold ring is usually embellished with precious gemstones, and is a symbol of the eternal union.

A ring is the perfect present to express your love. The woman to whom you present it should not be mistaken in your intentions.

Evidence of friendship

You can give an ring to a girl without it having any romantic meaning. Beware of creating a bizarre look by not using solitaire rings or wedding rings. Provide a friendship band or a costume jewelry piece or an original piece that is different from the norms that are associated with engagement and marriage.

The ring of this type can be given for a special occasion, such as a birthday celebration or Christmas.

To symbolize love

Giving a woman an ring is also a great way to express your appreciation. It could be given as an Mother's Day gift, Valentine's Day present or a birthday present. Choose models that differ from the conventional engagement rings and wedding rings. For example, you can pick a ring decorated with precious stones, ornaments, geometric patterns, precious stones, etc.


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